Celinda Santillan

Let Your Fate Decide Your Death...Or Love...

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About the Author

Celinda has been involved much with the life from beyond. She believes that your darkest desires is the love you have for only yourself. She has created a whole world filled will myths, horror, action, and long forbidden entrances into the worlds she creates. She is mostly known for her works:  'I'm a Rock Star', 'No More Tears...Julian', and 'Awake the Dead'. On her spare time she likes to watch Bones, look over fractured skulls, or compose music. 

Message to Readers from Author

"I am amazed that my readers have remain loyal after so long. The feeling to send out a hidden message in my books and having the reader respond well to them is more than i can ask for. Thank you for all the love and support. Until we meet again. Toddles."

Celinda Santillan



Celinda has researched most of her life these rare creatures that are unknown to the public eye. She brings out Oracles, Yuxa's, Demons, and even the Gods themselves. She likes to act out every single part of her books to get the reaction and feelings like the character would. Each book is differently written and carries with genres. She has from Horror to Romance to Adventure. With twist and turns its impossible not to feel the intrigue only a reader can feel. The connection between the author and the reader is unbreakable. 


                    "AMAZING! You are a very powerful writer and I don't say that often so that means that was really good.

--Stormthief, No More Tears...Julian

       "You're writing sounds and feels like poetry with how all of the words beautifully intertwine yet the deep, enticing story line has all of features of a epic novel... I can't wait to keep reading. "' 

--Evangeline England, No More Tears...Julian

"Love it!"

--Soniador, America, Awake The Dead

"Your right i do like it :) id love to read more."

--Nicole Mare, Australia, I'm a Rock Star

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